Usually its anywwhere from 4-7days depending on the weather. About a week before parking on it again pending weather.
Yes, Almost every project will get cracks. That stems from the ground freezing and thawing during the seasons in MN. All cracks can be fixed! We recommend after the 1st year of blacktopping to have a professional seal coat and crack fill company to come in a fix all cracks and get the driveway seal coated. NOTE: Seal coating is only preventitive maintenance NOT corrective. If anyone has a leaky vehicle, if gasoline or any vehicle fuilds are spilled on the driveway it could cause damage.
Most driveways last minimum 10-15years as long as proper maintenance is done.
Sidewalk, aprons, patios, garage and basements are recommened to be 4" or more. Driveway's are recommended to be 4+". Slabs that have heavy machinery parked 5" is recommended.
Yes, however the ground must be thawed and it should be under shelter to cure.
Yes, the cracks help when the concrete cracks hopefully it will crack in those spaces. Now how many depends on the slabs thickness and area space. If the slab is at 4" in depth its recommmended to cut your joints approximately 5-8 feet apart. Most cities have ordinances that require certain cuts so many feet apart so check with your city or township. Another way to prevent cracking is to add fibermesh to the concrete when pouring. Fiber holds the concrete together at its most vulnable point in the curing process.
Concrete is designed to take a break test in 28 days; however in most cased you can walk on it the next day or even drive on it with a couple of days.
ABSOLUTELY, its highly recommended! We sell and use an excellent producer of commerical grade of sealing products. Sealing helps prevent scaleing and popping of the concrete.