With our many years of expertise, Prefer Paving & Ready-Mix Inc., can quickly find the solution right for your needs and deliver blacktop paving services on-time and fit within your budget. We’ll work directly with you to customize your paving project. Project size doesn’t matter, big or small we pave it all. Prefer Paving & Ready-Mix Inc., has delivered top-quality blacktop asphalt paving for housing divisions, commercial developments, industrial parks, recreational projects, and city and county streets as well as smaller projects, such as residential driveways and parking lots.

Blacktopping/Asphalt Paving:


For a new project there are several steps that are required. An overlay, there wil be some sort of milling, cleaning and then a small layer of blacktop 1-1.5” paved. For a new project there are several steps that are required.

Step 1: Subgrade

The base crew will come in with skidsteer operators and subgrade the area for proper drainage.

Step2: Base

After subgrading the area, the base will be set. Pending the job, 3-6 inches of recycle will be placed and compacted. After this is completed the project will then need to set up for approx 1-2weeks to harden before paving can take place.

Step 3: Blacktopping/Paving

Once the project has had time to harden then the paving crew will come and set up the equipment to lay 2-3″ of hot asphalt and compact to finish. In most cases this last step can be completed within a couple of hours.