Ready Mix / Concrete Delivery

Prefer Paving & Ready-Mix Inc., is a Minnesota owned and operated ready-mix concrete provider committed to best quality concrete and service in the Minneapolis, St. Paul and surrounding metro areas. Our continued growth and success can be directly attributed to our commitment to quality results and to the success of our loyal customers. Prefer Paving & Ready-Mix Inc., is built on honesty, integrity, reliability, dependability, and responsiveness to your needs. We make sure hire and employ the best employees, products, paving equipment, and resources so your project is completed with the utmost quality and craftmanship.


For ready mix delivery, we cater to every single customer, whether you are a residential homeowner that needs a patio, cement contractor pouring a house, a farmer building a grain silo or a weekend warrior pouring a driveway. With our state of the art facility, no job is too big or small. Our staff is very knowledgeable in answering all your questions to help determine what mix design best suits your needs. We have cement products readily available to make your project easier and more efficient.


Some of our products that we sell are color and stain. If you click on the links below you can see the color charts.

  • The first Color Chart is color that goes directly in the concrete while its mixing at the plant.
  • The second chart is for Staining concrete once it has harden. The great idea with staining is you can color it whether its new or old.
  • Another product which is highly recommended is our sealer products. Sealer forms a small layer barrier on top the concrete to provide maximum hardness. It helps resistance to abrasion damage caused by salt, oil, grease, stains from soot, pigment from plants and gases. We carry a regular sealer for concrete and a high gloss sealer for color and exposed aggregate.
  •  First Color Chart  Stain Color Chart


  • Stamps: stamping concrete can give it a textured look.
  • To make the job easier we have front discharge trucks available upon request.
  • Not looking to do the work yourself? NO PROBLEM, we work with excellent contractors that can do the work for you! They are insured and warranty their work! Price is determined on how much ready mix you need, what type of ready mix you order, and location. Call 651-464-6883 or email today for your free estimate!